Album 2019

"Усход-Захад" (Lat. Uskhod-Zahad, Eng. East-West)

The second album, released in Novemder 2019, exemplified the musical maturity the band achieved. National motives were unusually presented in modern arrangements of Ruslan Hleborodov, a guitarist and composer. The tracks became more proficient and distinct due to the performers’ deeper approach to the voices and musical instruments sound. The album includes 8 tracks. Calm, acoustic songs coexist with explosive, rich instruments and compositions. A distinctive feature of the album is that all the songs are singles.



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Singles 2019

1. Усход-Захад (Lat. Uskhod-Zahad, Eng. East-West) the title song, which has the same name as the album, tells a barely veiled but distinct story about the difficulty the country in general and a young girl in particular experience in determining which path to follow.

2. Чур-вір (Lat.Chur-vir, Eng. Does not translate) a Belarusian folk song comic arrangement.

3.  Каля майго церама (Lat. Kalia majho cierama, Eng. About my towers) a composition rich in guitar solos and folk rock vocals.

4. Купалінка (Lat. Kupalіnka, Eng. Kupalіnka) An acoustic version of a very famous Belarusian song.

5. Штой па мору (Lat. Stoy pa moru, Eng. What's on the sea) Folk rock with peculiar Stratocaster guitar riffs.

6. Кладачка (Lat. Kladachka, Eng. Kladachka) An acoustic version of a Belarusian song.

7. Ой пайду я гукаючы (Lat. Oj pajdu ja hukajushy, Eng. Oh, I'll go calling) Unusual modern processing of an old Belarusian song.

8. Паванка (Lat. Pavanka, Eng. Pavanka) Guitar instrumental composition.

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Album 2016

1. “Скарб” (Lat. Skarb, Eng.Treasure)

Скарб (Treasure), the first album of Belaruskaya Brama, was officially released in January 2016. It can be characterized as a new look at the folk music of Belarus. The musicians did recording, mixing and mastering on their own, so the work went on for 5 years. The band had to overcome serious difficulties. Incomplete demos accidentally became available in the Internet. In 2013, they were sold in numerous copies. Musicians have no serious experience in the distribution of music, which inevitably affected the results. In 2019, Scarb was re-uploaded for release to ONErpm music distribution service. The track-list includes 12 tracks.

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